Pierce School Extended Day, Inc. is strongly committed to allowing as many families access to our program as possible while maintaining a safe, quality program childcare center. We have been working hard over the past several years and studying our enrollment patterns, along with doing long range planning for our organization.  Our program offers school age childcare for students whose parents/guardians work or attend school.

Below is an explanation of how we plan to conduct our Kindergarten Enrollment for the 2018/19 School Year and other important information regarding our program admission. 


Sibling Preference: Any family who currently has children enrolled in the PSED program will receive preference over new families wishing to enter the program.  


All Kindergarten Initial Applications Forms will be available online from February 26th, 2018 through March 26th, 2018. You can complete the application from this website beginning 2/26 .  You may submit your one page application online and then mail your application fee of $50.00 to PSED. .All applications are due by March 26, 2018  along with an application fee of $50.


Checks should be made payable to PSED. Please mail your application fee to the following address:



PO Box 470444

Brookline Village, MA,  02447   


If more families apply to the PSED Kindergarten program than we can accommodate after granting sibling preference, we will hold a lottery to determine who gains admittance to the program.This lottery is also used to generate our waiting list. This lottery will be held on April 6th, 2018 and families will be notified by mail or email  the week of April 9th, 2018 of the results (please no phone calls).  If you are placed on the waiting list your application fee will be returned to you in the mail after the lottery.



                               OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION 
Dropping and Adding Days:

Any family wishing to drop days may only do so on the two dates that have been designated by the PSED Board of Directors as Change of Schedule Dates (October 1st notification for a November 1st start and February 1st notification for March 1st start). We will be asking families to make a firm commitment to the days that they are requesting and holding them responsible for paying for those days even if they decide to take their child out of the program for a day or two during that period of time.  

Older Sibling Enrollment:

Any family who wishes to sign up older siblings, along with their kindergarten child should indicate this when enrolling their kindergarten child.  PSED cannot guarantee that older siblings will be admitted to the program, as availability of space varies from classroom to classroom.  Once a Kindergarten child is accepted into the PSED program we will either accept the older children into the program if space allows or move them to the top of our waiting list and accept them as soon as a space becomes available.   
Re-Enrollment Policy:

All families who are re-enrolling in the program for the next school year 2016-17 are only guaranteed the number and specific days they are currently enrolled for. Any family wishing to add or switch days for the following year may do so, only if space is available on those days. If there is no space available, they will be placed on the waiting list for those days where they will have priority over any new families wishing to enter the program.    

Please feel free to ask the directors, Jean Day or Ellen Lenoch if you have any questions or need further clarification on any of these polices.  



Winter Enrichment Registration Opens December 6th