Week of August 10, 2020


Hello Families,

 With the current plan of  most likely totaly remote for the first month of school we now have some time to begin planning for the phased in reopening, 


We will be working with our Board of Directors to determine how we will proceed once we get teh go ahead from the school department. 


We anticiapte sending out a detailed email very soon with updated infromation regarding our program. 


Bills went out last  week through Smart Tuition. Please remember you have until 9/15 to pay this bill and we will definitley know more about our  reopening plans by then.


 Please note we have changed our final drop date to August 15th in order to give families enough time to process whatever plan that Brookline adopts. We will send out an email soon letting all families know this information and how to proceed .


Please feel free to email us at psedbrookline@gmail.com if you have specific questions regarding enrollment or tuition billing.

Thanks as always for your patience as we all continue to navigate this very tricky time together.

Ellen , Jean & The PSED Staff