The PSED Board of Directors is made up of parents and guardians of children who attend PSED. The board is responsible for the oversight of the program staff and policies. The board makes decisions about a variety of things such as program offerings, personnel policies and budgetary issues. PSED Board members act as a liaison between families and the program and are available to speak with you if you have any questions or an issue you would like to discuss.


The following is a list of current members of the PSED Board of Directors for the 2020/2021 school year, including the grade(s) their children are currently in:


Ariel Maddocks-Board President

Jen Taranto- Board Vice President

Kamber Hetrick - Board Treasurer

Jean Day- Administrative Director

Ellen Lenoch- Program Director


Other Members:

Colleen Muldoon- Pierce School Staff Liaison

Elizabeth Barkoudah- grades 5 &  2

Sarah Cloutier-grade 1

Joan DiMicco-grade 2 & 4

Craig Harsfield- grades K & 4

Tal Kenet- grades K, 1 &  4

Cassie Kustyanto- grades K & 2

Audrey Lee-grades 1 & 3

Annie Rotner-grades 1 & 4





April 12, 2021
PSED has opened registration for new kindergarten children. The deadline for this registration is Friday, April 30th. We will notify  families regarding their enrollment status in early May.
Please Note:
We will be asking all families who currenlty participate in PSED to sign a Committment Form for the next school year by 5/7/21. This form will be emailed out the week of April 26th.
In early May we will send and Interest Survey out to all former PSED families who remained enrolled 
( but not currently active) in PSED. Once we have a better idea of the level of interest and our space and staffing, we will notify families regarding their status in PSED for the upcoming school year.
We completely understand that many working families rely on  us for childcare! We sincerely hope to be able  to accomodate many of our interested families next year but unfortunately, we have lost several of our wonderful staff members due to the pandemic . Our enrollment also been greatly reduced due to current licensing requirements. Presently,  we are working with the Pierce School Administration  and our Board of Directors to develop a plan to ensure we have adequate space and that we can staff each grade appropriately. 
We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding as we work to rebuild our program for the next school year. 
We will post updates as we make progress with our enrollment for the 21-22 school year.